I’ve decided to become an Ironman

I’ve decided to take on the challenge to complete an Ironman. In January, I finished the Houston Marathon, a feat I NEVER thought I could accomplish. That inspired me and got me thinking. After watching some Finish Strong Athletes compete in this year’s Ironman here in The Woodlands, I have decided this will be my next challenge.

If there had been a “Least Likely to Become an Ironman” award in High School, I’m pretty sure I would have been awarded that title. I just started running seriously about two and a half years ago, so I’m a rookie for sure.

I have a long way to go on this 21 month journey to become an Ironman. I want to remember and document every step, hence this blog. I know it’s going to be a long, probably painful journey, but I saw something recently I really liked. It said “Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.”

So the question I have gotten a lot so far – why am I doing this? I’m not doing this to lose weight, or get in better shape, although I’m pretty sure those things will happen. This for me will be much more of a spiritual journey. I’m not a naturally-gifted athlete. I’m not a naturally “tough” person. Training to do this will be good for me in every aspect of my life. God has given me good health and I am going to wake up every day and be thankful that I CAN do this training.

I’m already excited about crossing that Ironman finish line. And yes, I am absolutely going to get an Ironman tatoo after I complete this. Hot pink. Location to be determined.

Is this crazy? Maybe, let’s find out. Here I go………..