Sometimes things don’t go as planned

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. Mostly because I was not super excited about my result at the Chicago Half Marathon. There was no 2 hour result for me that day as planned. I got a new PR by a mere 30 seconds. But I was exhausted by mile 8 and really struggled to finish strong. Not sure what happened. I know with complete certainty I will get to that 2 hour mark; that just wasn’t the day.


The week after the half marathon, I did a supported bike ride on the Oilman Half Ironman course. I rode 46 miles. That was the longest I had ever ridden my bike. Was proud of myself for finishing.

Last weekend (Oct. 8 & 9) I went to Nebraska to do a Market to Market 76-mile relay event with my college friend Kim Grier. Ran two legs: 5.5 and 4 and had a super fun time!

So now I have 30 days until my first Half Ironman; the Oilman on November 6th. Won’t lie, I’m pretty nervous. Tried on wetsuits tonight and that was pretty hilarious. Those just aren’t lovely, but I understand I am going to love using it in cold open water – so a wetsuit it is. I also got a powermeter installed on my bike. So, 5 days in the pool this week – 75 miles on my bike this weekend – I’m on my way to trying to be prepared for the feat in front of me. All I want to do is finish – that will be a major step forward in this Ironman journey.