It’s taken me a while to post this step on my Ironman journey. On October 25th, while 5 miles into a pre-dawn 9 miles run, I fell and broke my ankle. First time in my life I have ever broken a bone. 12 days before my 70.3 mile Half Ironman.


Today is the day I would have stood at that start line. Pretty bummed I’m not there, but trying really hard to keep everything in perspective. Great news is, I only have a hairline fracture, no tendon damage, and I should be back swimming, riding and running on a gravity trainer in 3 weeks. What I now realize is that the opportunity to wake up every morning and do these things is a huge blessing. And I’m counting the days until I’m whole again and I can get back on my Ironman journey.

Not just sitting around. I’ve turned my attention to my ever-so-ignored upper body. I can crab crawl backwards upstairs to the gym and I’m doing all the P90X upper body and ab workouts  every other day. And there is no doubt that all this crutches moving around is pretty good for my upper body as well.

If there was ever an excuse for me to bow out of doing this Ironman thing, I think this would be it. Everyone would understand, right? It’s hard. Really hard. It’s a little bit risky. But, that’s not happening. I’m more committed than ever. Signing up for the Galveston Half Ironman in April. Doc says I should be able to do the Houston Half in January. Actually, I’m ready to sit down and plan my entire race year for 2017, which will include starting my full Ironman training in late 2017.

I have always believed things happen for a reason. I think this happened because I was losing perspective about why I started this journey. The journey is the reason. I’m doing it because I can. And I need to enjoy every step. Admittedly, this particular chapter is a little hard to “enjoy”, but the time and opportunity to focus on my upper body and research nutrition is what I need to focus on.

So, the Oilman is going to come and go without me today. But, I’ll be there in 2017. Stay tuned; I’m coming back stronger.