Ready for Galveston

Haven’t posted in a while – mainly because every waking moment I’ve either been working or training for this Half Ironman.

It’s clear to me now after training for 3.5 months for this race that God sent me a gift with my broken ankle before the Oilman Half. I wasn’t ready for that race and may not have finished. I have learned SO MUCH over the past few months and thanks to Finish Strong Coaching and Dana Lyons, I am as trained as I could possibly be for this Half Ironman on Sunday. I know I can finish in the time cutoffs and I am 100% more comfortable on my bike.  Funny how with a little time, something that seemed awful can come into focus.

So now all there is to do is go execute my race and not freak out over things I can’t control, like the weather. I have a time in mind for each segment of the race, but my goal for the Galveston Half Ironman Sunday is to finish. To throw my hands up in the air crossing the finish line knowing I did everything I could to get there. And it’s going to feel AMAZING!!!!

This road to the Ironman is taking shape and I know it’s still a long road to my full Ironman in 2018, but it’s very clear to me now what I need to do to get there and, most importantly, that I have it within me to do it.


Final OWS before Galveston