30 Day Challenge

So I set a 30 day challenge to drop 10 pounds on August 6th. With two days left, I am down 7. So when I race the Towne Lake Tri tomorrow, it will be like NOT carrying this stack of books with me. Gotta be some time in that, right?

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to track what I eat – working on eating more protein and less carbs. Has really helped keep me conscious of the quality of the fuel I’m putting into my body. And since I have a set number of calories to eat each day, makes me really think about “do I want to use my calories for this” – so overall making much better choices.

My goal time tomorrow for this Tri is 1:25 – hoping to have a good strong, straight swim, faster transitions and faster ride than last sprint at Cypress. The air seems a little cooler so should have a good run. Crossing fingers for no rain in the morning. I’ll check in tomorrow; so excited to race!!!!