Towne Lake Tri – Labor Day 2016

Goals are amazing. If you set them and really believe you can achieve them, you will. That is exactly what happened at this race.


So happy to have finally made some forward progress!!!! Good strong swim, 18.5 MPH bike ride and decent run. Lots of training goes into these, so felt good to set a new PR and drop 5 minutes off the last sprint tri this length. Gives me some confidence going into the Half Ironman in November.

Also received a huge surprise at the finish line with Alissa Faircloth and Lindsey Woodard, with her 6 month old twins and husband, there to cheer me on. My Ironman journey is likely to be half physical and half mental, maybe even more, so having the support of David, friends and family means more than I know how to express.

Now, focusing on the Chicago Half Marathon in 2 weeks – goal is to go 2 hours, which will be a huge PR. But I believe I can do it. So it’s half done.