I climbed a mountain today

16508329_405667426459073_3150255494927539800_nIt’s been too long since I’ve posted here. So much has happened since mid-December. We took the family to the Bahamas for a wonderful vacation and came back and ran the Houston Half Marathon in a decent time. So, great news, been able to train hard and concentrate on getting ready for the Galveston Half Ironman race in April.

So I decided to go with Finish Strong Coaching to Arizona this week for their winter triathlon training camp. Day one was a ride up Mount Lemmon. I can’t really even describe what I did today. You know when you go to a spin class and you do an intense climb for 5 minutes? Yeah, like that for over 2 1/2 hours. It was pretty much straight uphill – my speed was averaging 6 mph, but really closer to 5 most of the time. I completely melted down at 13. Got off the bike and cried. Had a really really awesome person riding with me, much much slower than she should have been, who refused to let me give in. Allison Stephan you are simply amazing and I hope that I can help someone some day the way you helped me today. I managed to go 4 more miles until I just could not go any more.

While I’m upset with myself for not being able to endure the pain for the remaining 6 miles, I realize that for a beginner like me, this was one of those experiences that will make me stronger. Everyone on the ride struggled and described today as a very tough and advanced ride. So making it as far as I did with as little riding training as I have under my belt was probably OK.

Another important step on this Ironman journey. It’s physical and mental and spiritual. I’m going to have to believe with all my heart that I can do this for it to happen.

Time to go to sleep. up at 7 am to run, and swim, and bike tomorrow……..