Winter Tri Training Camp in Tucson

After 5 days here in Tucson with Finish Strong Coaching, I have to say I feel like I’ve taken a huge leap on this Ironman journey. Most of my teammates here are already Ironmen, so the chance to get advice from them and hear their stories has been so valuable.

I was scared to come. Scared I might not be able to keep up. Scared I couldn’t do it. Just like anything in life, if I hadn’t tried, I wouldn’t know. I was at the back of every ride for sure. But I tried. And I did OK. I got better and stronger.

At the end of yesterday’s ride, which I almost talked myself out of doing, I was climbing a steep hill. I got to the top, couldn’t clip out and I fell. Pretty hard. nothing broken, but my knee hurt and I felt out of control and mad, sad, cried. Allison, Amie, and Karen were right there and they made me get back on my bike and ride the rest of the way. And that is exactly what I needed to do. Can’t stop or give up because you fall, right? I don’t do that in my business life, or my personal life, so why would I do it when I train? I need to get tougher.

Getting comfortable on my bike is going to be a long process. And I’m sure I am going to fall many more times. But doing something so scary to me and challenging is healthy and good and worthwhile. Thankful that I’m healthy enough to be doing this.

So I did something that scared me this week. And I’m better for it. Galveston Half Ironman  is 7 weeks away. And I hear the “climb” on the bike is 92 feet versus 6000 feet I did on Thursday. Piece of cake, right?