Registered for IRONMAN TEXAS 2018

Wow have I been bad about posting on this blog. So much has happened over the past few months. But had to post this week, because this week I OFFICIALLY REGISTERED FOR IRONMAN TEXAS 2018.  So, the journey has “officially” begun. 

Most important step has been the purchase of my new Tri Bike, named Valencia, meaning brave, strong and orange. Have 50 miles on her and a looooonnnnggg way to go in getting comfortable and up to speed. But I love her and we are going to be good buddies very soon. A bike fit this week with Tad Hughes went a long way to getting my seat and arm positions where they needed to be. 


Competed in CB&I and Sylvan Beach sprint Tris. Practice triathlons and learned something at each one. Sylvan was my first real ocean open water swim and the waves were HUGE. Course was 1/3 longer than advertised. At this one, I was proud of myself for just keep moving ahead after those terrible swim conditions. Had my best 5K in a triathlon at the end of this sprint, which I’m proud of.


Another major step has been a swimming analysis with local swimming legend Gemma Hollis. The video set up and patient, detailed analysis of my issues were more helpful than I can describe. Started going to her coached workouts twice a week and this is making a huge difference in my training, rather than mindlessly putting in laps with bad form solo. Really happy I found Gemma – I highly recommend and she is truly spectacular. Fast Fridays with Coach Amy are also going a long way towards improvement.

Started seeing a nutritionist a month ago to start getting the right fuel in my body for all my workouts and to figure out what the heck to eat on these endurance races. Christy Abrams is an athlete and she is very good. She has me eating more protein than I ever thought I could. I’ve lost 6 pounds, all while gaining some muscle. I’ve completely changed the way I eat and look at food. Keeping Sundays open to do whatever I want, but now that I’m in the habit of eating better, it’s really pretty easy to do. David has come along this eating plan with me and dropped a bunch of weight as well, so it’s been good all around. Did a bunch of blood work to find out about my micro-nutrient profile and still waiting for those results – it’s likely there will be more changes once we see those. Really need to thank one of my teammates, Ligia, for turning me on to Christy. She noticed in one of my Facebook posts that I was tired and suggested I may not be eating enough to fuel my works and she was right on target with that analysis.

Getting in 10 workouts a week now – it’s just becoming a way of life. I daydream a lot about crossing the IRONMAN finish line and the announcer saying “Cheryl Perry, you are an IRONMAN” during long runs. I know – dork for sure – but keeps me motivated at mile 9 of 11.  I have to say I am really really enjoying this journey.  I’m learning I can do more than I ever thought I could, I’m meeting the coolest people ever, and I’m working toward a goal I never in a million years thought I could achieve.

Work has been insane the past 6 months. We are close to going into a little quieter time of year and I have a new employee starting in July who I feel is going to make it possible for me to go into the “real” IRONMAN training December – April without being worried about work. I have a great team of people and I know that me stepping back a little bit is going to be just fine.

Next goal – Cypress Tri July 30 – I’d like to do a 1:20 here. Let’s see what I can do………

Going to do a better job of posting – I want to remember every step of my IRONMAN journey.