One Month Until Omaha Half

It’s been a busy triathlon month – did two sprint triathlons back to back two weeks. Probably a little much. Cypress Tri went OK; great run but not quite the swim or bike I wanted. River Cities Tri in Louisana was super fun. Pretty good bike but the exhaustion of racing two weeks in a row set in on this one. GREAT practice races getting me ready for my IRONMAN goal however.

I’m feeling so much more confident on my new bike now. Getting used to the different positioning and don’t even think about clipping in and out any more (my heart rate used to about double just thinking about it.) Finally able to drink while riding (super important). Next mountain to climb is feeling comfortable in aero – can get into it but not comfortable or used to it at all yet. Another step in the journey.

Feeling great about my swimming thanks to Gemma Hollis. Running is great too. Really feeling ready to go to Omaha in a month and finally capture that 2 hour Half time I’ve been chasing for so long.

I think the most significant thing going on right now is how much the daily training has become part of my life. With ten workouts per week and three companies to run, no small feat. So thankful David is supportive and does sweet things for me. Like bringing an ice water and putting it in my car to find at the end of a 42 mile solo training ride when all I had left was super hot water. Also so thankful for all the training partners around me who are encouraging me and helping educate me on what to do and how it should feel; absolutely no way I could be doing this without them.

So next major goal is the Omaha Half. Will need to navigate staying on course with IRONMAN training while trying to do my best at what is this year’s A race. Trust that Dana Lyons will skillfully help me through this.