Second Half IRONMAN complete

Been way too long since I posted here. Finished the Oilman Half IRONMAN yesterday, so pretty much feel like I got run over by a truck today. Tough race. Learned a lot of things though – lost power information halfway on the bike – forgot to change the battery before an important race – duh. The swim went pretty well – used new Predator wetsuit and I think I need to get the next size up – felt a little restricted. Bike course here is tough – hills and wind and it was humid and hot. So familiar with it from all the training, though, and that helped A LOT. Loved the tailwind, hated going straight into it up big hills. But I motored through and made it to the run. Very hard run – run course was mostly on golf course cart paths that were very old and uneven plus sunny and hot – managed to run the whole time though and got it done. 5 minute PR – placed in the middle of my age group on the swim and the run, dead last as usual on the bike. So far to go on the bike. My nutrition on the bike was much better this race than Galveston – no cramping on the run. Got into aero several times and in general so much more comfortable than ever before. I know i will get there but it’s a journey. It’s funny how things becomes clearer once they are behind you – broke my ankle 12 days before this race last year and now I know with complete certainty – I was not trained enough last year and would have likely not finished. God gave me a free pass that at the time didn’t seem that way.


Haven’t posted since I did the Omaha Half. Finally got that sub 2 hour finish time. John Tortorici paced me since his wife was there running the marathon to qualify for Boston. I placed second in my age group. Really really proud and happy about this accomplishment – I work so hard and it was nice to finally see that pay off with a goal time. I realized during that race that my current coach at the time probably wasn’t the one for me. So when I returned from Omaha, I switched to Vantage Point Endurance with John Tortorici as my coach. It’s nice to have someone to pays attention to me, truly believes in me and encourages me on a daily basis in my corner and I know that John will get me across the IRONMAN finish line.



Headed to IRONMAN Arizona in two weeks to try to complete the swim and bike course there. Going to stop and not do the run, which means a DNF, but I know that going in – it’s all just training for IRONMAN TEXAS. Then going to head to Sedona for a week with David to just chill and not swim, run or bike. Although he tells me he wants to go hiking – haha.

I started running which become this IRONMAN journey 4 years ago – mostly to deal with Kyle’s drug addiction. Unfortunately, Kyle fell back into addiction recently. After spending 5 years doing everything we could to help him and putting him into recovery program after recovery program, I know there is nothing ABSOLUTELY nothing I can do to help him. And that kills me inside. I almost didn’t race yesterday because the situation is bad with him, but I know that God doesn’t not want me, or his sisters and brother, stepfather, stepmother, father, grandparents to stop living our lives because of Kyle’s actions. So I got up and went 70.3 miles and I prayed for him a lot of those miles, because that’s all I can do. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I have two endurance races in the midst of this all happening – I think God knew exactly what was going on and guided me. It’s funny because Kyle is the one who really should be doing IRONMAN. My greatest hope is that someday I will watch him become one.

Off to recover and get ready for Arizona.  Moving from 56 miles to 112 miles in one big swoop – why not?